When marriage is something more than….

The relationship that I have with Paula has become more than just a married couple, it has been more than just 11 years together, it’s been more than sharing a third of our lives, it’s been more than two people coming together and be one. We have been able to to relay completely in Abba making all our fulfillment in Him, Letting all our expectations to be on Him, and just seat by Him listening….Today it has been 11 years together…Oh I am glad we stayed together after all the confusion, hurt, desolation, false expectations, etc, etc. We are together because we believe Abba is really taking care of us. Paula is the only person I can be truly myself with, I laugh so much and also get hurt. But I am so thankful she is the one God chose for me to share this adventure called life….together. The impossible became possible.


One thought on “When marriage is something more than….

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  1. You and Paula are a beautiful example. I am so happy for you and what God is doing in the both of you together! Hope all is well!!

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