Gift Card….

During the year we celebrate so many birthdays at Connection, and the more the congregation grows the more presents Paula and I need to buy. We have guys presents that are more difficult to buy, girls are very easy, children are the easiest. But because of the amount of celebrations we could easily spend a lot of our income buying presents. I don’t like to give a present just because I need to give one. I like to think about the person and buy what I think this person would like. But to be honest, lately I have bought the cheapest thing I can find or just get the most wonderful invention of the century: the gift card. This card is so easy because you can get it everywhere, from the local Mexican restaurant or a any other store you may think. I believe this is a cheap way to buy a birthday present but the more convenient. It is convenient because I don’t have to sacrifice a lot of “my time” to find the perfect gift for that specific person.

I wonder what I am giving to God that is not a sacrifice. Is my service to Him just something comfortable for me to give or it is requiring me a costly price? am I giving our of my convenience? King David faced this when Araunah offered him a free ox for his burnt offering to God, he responded, “No. I’ve got to buy it from you for a good price; I am not going to offer God, my God, sacrifices that are not sacrifice”(2 Samuel 24:25)

How costly has been my sacrifice to the Lord? has it? or do I still give Him what I have left to give? This is my thought for today, that by the way is my b’day, (just 37 years old). What kind of sacrifice am I giving to Abba? One that takes away my time, strength, soul and mind or just a gift card? Sometimes I can say that I like to give God a “heavenly gift card” then he can just get what He needs from me and…..that’s it!!! very convenient right?


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