The price to follow Christ

One year ago we went to the hardest times ever in our marriage relationship, four months later we lost “Alex” our miracle adoptive son we received on December 24th after 10 years of been waiting for him. Today only four months later I found myself again with a broken heart, my father whom I loved dearly is going through a couple of very difficult surgeries; all my brothers and sisters are beside him (some flown from USA and others from all over Mexico) and because I am serving Christ in this Country waiting for my permanent residence I can not leave. I haven’t been able to leave for six years.

Even though I have a family here at Connection, I prayed so much for this time not to come before I get my proper documents to travel outside of USA.

I am listening one of Father’s favorite Beethoven’s Concerts, the piano concerto No 5 and I can just close my eyes and listen to his voice telling me about the beauty of this concert. The strength and calmness from one movement to another. I can see my father feeling the music deep inside his soul ,specially the softness and sweetness of the second movement when the piano starts to play. Classical music is what joins me with my father even 3000 miles away. I really would like to be with him.


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