Leadership Starvation

I email a person I met at CCC (Christian Community Church) about how I felt when I talked to him, this is part of it, “Just imagine that you have a banquet in your house and there is a big table full of all different and delicious food, of course you are enjoying it because you have prepared for it for many days. Outside of your house and by the window there is a hungry boy watching everything, he is not only hungry, he is starving. You go outside and ask him what he wants. “-boy, I know you are hungry, so tell me how can I help you”. The boy is so hungry that he really doesn’t know what he wants, he doesn’t have specifics, he doesn’t know if he prefers a hotdog or a hamburger, or a taco. The only think he knows is that he is hungry and wherever you have to give him he will take it, even if is a menu with the options of the food inside. This is the first time you see this boy, you have never seen him before and you realized he is truely hungry. You kneel and say to him, “-boy, here is my phone number call me if you need me” Then you go back inside of your house to continue with your celebration.” Have you ever felt leadership starvation? You desire more but you don’t even know what is exactly what you need. Jesus found himself extremely hunger after the 40 days he spend fasting and He was able to answer to the devil, “It takes more than bread to stay alive. It takes a steady stream of words from God’s mouth.” As physical and spiritual hunger, leadership starvation comes when suddenly you found yourself in the middle of the dessert with no sources of water. I ended the e-mail saying, “I am hungry for leadership and guiadance, I am hungry for a real networking and a connecting church, I am hungry for help on the how’s, I am hungry for broken, open, real and vulnerable leaders not afraid to show tears, anger, frustration and brotherhood. I am hungry on how to be specific, I am hungry of working with creative and young people. Hungry to develop relationships with people that don’t think that they have it all together and they are willing to learn even from hungry boys.” I am Hungry of people worrying more about the Kingdom’s business instead of their own church’s business. Extreme hunger.


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