The Table of The Lord-La Mesa del Señor

Yesterday was Maundy Thursday. To be honest I didn’t know what was that when the people around us where talking about it. The protestant church I grew up in Mexico never mentioned this at all and I don’t even remembered to celebrate Maundy Thursday in the Catholic church in Mexico. The only thing that I remember about Holy Week is “vacation time”. You see! in Mexico Holy and Easter weeks are the translation of spring break. I knew I had two weeks off of school and my dad wasn’t not going to work on Holy Thursday and Friday. I knew about not eating meat on Fridays and may be that’s all. Since I came to work with the United Methodist Church I have learned so many good traditions that take me to have more intimacy with Abba. I didn’t know that Maundy Thursday was about my favorite time: The Last Supper. I love when at church we celebrate the Table of The Lord (that we have decided to do it every other week) because I know it is just the demonstration of God’s grace into our lives. I have learned that in the times of Jesus when someone invited you to have dinner with him, he was not only to have fellowship with you but to establish and intimate relationship with you. Inviting you to the table was inviting you to his heart and his life. Every time I come to His Table I am reminded that He welcomes me just the way I am because He wants to be with me. I should find out about that word “maundy” before…….


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