Some thoughts

A year ago we did a “Questions Service” where people were able to ask all kind of questions and also write prayers. It is interesting to read back the questions and remember what people think, these are some examples:
* Why do bad things happen to good people? What does God want us to do when bad stuff happens? just pray? what comes next?
*I don’t know if this is the right kind….but does God make sunsets the same everywhere? Everyone says God is always around, but is He there when you can’t feel it? and if so, why can’t you?
* why am I here and what can I do to serve you?
* How can I show others God without pressing Him on them?
*I am called to learn to speak Spanish-how will the Lord us this? I have 3 more years with boys at home-then what?
*What is love?
*Why did God create men at all? What was he doing before? Why me?
For all the lonely and grieving people
*I feel as its is becoming a “big church feel” not that church is bad, but some people feel they have to experience God the same way and only that way. This limits God and what he can do. Mix it up, do something strange, do something even if you are scared.
*That I am not enough and am too much at the same time
*Strength to be faithful to God everyday. It is so easy to fall away from Christ and find reasons not to be involved in things that don’t have to do anything with me. I want to be closer to God and get to know His character.
*Less of me, more of God
*That I learn to speak Spanish
*That God’s will be obvious.

Are we open to people questions? ……..let us think about it!!


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