Flexible heart vs. Inflexible ritual

God cares about the people and not the structure. When church has become "inflexible ritual" because it cannot be moved; then what He cares is a heart that can be transformed. We are stuck if we belong to a faith community not willing to change. We should be "living organisms" changing constantly, in the wisdom... Continue Reading →

No Expectations

I have experienced a "honeymoon love" with Paula. It just seems that after almost 11 years we finally got it; an unselfish love. I used to give advices to newly weds and my number one was, "always forgive". Well after all these years that is good to remember but the one I will say that... Continue Reading →

Speaking to me….

I am amazed how Abba speaks through His word, I just posted in the blog and while reading my "life Journal" these are the words I received from Him (all the verses are from The Message),"You're blessed when you're at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and... Continue Reading →

Leadership Starvation

I email a person I met at CCC (Christian Community Church) about how I felt when I talked to him, this is part of it, "Just imagine that you have a banquet in your house and there is a big table full of all different and delicious food, of course you are enjoying it because... Continue Reading →

still at chicago

I am sorry, I haven't been able to blog lately..I am still at Chhicago and still enjoy it very much. We have received so much information that I think our brains are fried, but most of all, we have seen how the vision and desires of our heart are doable. Getting to know people from... Continue Reading →

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