Still pressing- Pa’ delante!

I was reading the story of a leader who was doing all that he could to press on forward on the will of God. He stopped to ask for help and the people responded to him, “you are crazy! you won’t be able to do anyhting”. He didn’t care what these people said, to the contrary he turnes to them and told them, “if I finish what I have started, I will come back and let you eat your words”. He continue on the journey with all his people and came to a town and asked for help again, but for the second time they denied the help. The story says that they didn’t care about the response, “they were bone-tired but still pressing the pursit” He didn’t care what others were saying, he didn’t care if they didn’t have the means to survive……He believed! and even if they were bone-tired they still pressed the pursit.” This is the story of Gideon (Judges 8) a man who didn’t believe in himself, a man who doubt about God’s intentions and asked for prubes, who got together a big army, but God reduced the army and he ended up with only 300 men. They pursited and they accomplished. am I ready to believe God is calling me to keep pressing the pursuit? even if I don’t have the means?, even if the people don’t believe in what we can become? YES!! may be I can doubt and try to prube God, may be people will try to stop me, may be I won’t have the ideal settings, but bone-tired I will still pressing the pursuit with the people God has separated for it.


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