My Heart’s desire

Yesterday after the Free Medical Clinic a friend invited me for a cup of coffee and he asked to pray to see if I can get direction from God on how to be more evangelistic during the clinics. I understood his heart because I come from that, but at the same time I tried to explain to him that we are already doing evangelism but may not the way he was raised. He looked at me and asked, -Miguel, are you leading people to Christ?
-What do you mean? I answered trying to get a better understanding of his question.
-well are you praying with them to lead them to Christ.
So I answered pointing my fingers to me and I said, – yes, I am leading them to Christ.
I saw that he was relieved….but then I added, -I am leading them to Christ with my life. I don’t have a call for the lost, I don’t have a call to condemn the sinner, I don’t have a call to bring to church the unchurched; I am called to invite people to join me into Christ’s journey, walking together so we can grow deeper in Him. I don’t know more than them; they don’t know less than me. We are walking together so they can find Him in the middle of their own journey. Life eternal is the gift given, Intimacy with Christ is my goal. I don’t want to lead people to “pray the payer” so they can have eternal life. I want them to found Christ and develop intimacy with Him. Erwin R. McManus says in his book The Barbarian Way, “When you hear the call, when you follow the call, you must recognize that it is a life-and-death proposition. It is not a cattle call. He is not calling you to the same life that everyone else will live. Your path is your and yours alone. Our goal must not be to populate the Christian religion but to bring people into a genuine relationship with God”


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