Yesterday while having coffee with my best friend,partner in ministry and a person I love so much, my wife. She looked at me and said, “Miguel you seem restless” I asked her what did she mean? and she answered, “well I have seen how you are finding fulfillment in your relationship with God, I know you desire to spend time in solitude with God, but I also feel that you are restless, that your spirit is ready to explode, that there is something in you that desires even more” you know! I have learned to listen what God is telling me through my closest relationship. And of course you cannot hide that to the person who is closest to you, YES! I feel restless, I feel like there has to be something else, I feel like probably I am missing everything God has for me, I feel like screaming and let out all this a feel inside of me.I want to cry, I want to get angry, I want to run and never stop. What it is? I don’t know! I wish I could know…..but one thing I know I have found my fulfillment in Abba just the way I am, with my disappointments, weakness, unbeliefs, doubts, even dark side and hidden corners, just the way I am a Mexican studying to finish his undergraduate studies, a person awaken by His Grace, awaken by His mighty love, just a simple “local pastor” who doesn’t have any idea on how to be a leader, but …I am who I am because He is…..Papito! help me realize what is this that I feel….Papá speak to me….


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