God’s Working- Dios Obrando

While reading another pastor’s blog I remembered how God works in our behalf. This ia what I posted as a comment:

It is strange but this story made me remember how I ended up serving as a missionary in the United States. In the year 1999 I was part of a mission organization called Youth With A Mission (YWAM) based in Adams, TN with my wife Paula. We were there because a good friend of mine asked us to join him for a ministry planting project in the Yucatan Peninsula and in order to be part of the YWAM staff we needed to do a requiring training. After one year serving and finishing the training we were ready to travel to the Yucatan Peninsula, but things didn’t work out and we ended up without going anywhere. We were stuck in TN with no money, because we spend around $3000 dollars to pay all our training. We didn’t have money to buy a ticket to return to Mexico, our Country. A class mate shared this incident with her dad and her dad gave us a love offering. We returned to Mexico very confused because a year earlier we sold all our belongings to answer the call of God to become missionaries in this ministry. We came back to Mexico with our tails between our legs, without vision, work, home etc. While staying in my in laws’ house I received a call from my friend’s dad asking us if we were willing to interpret to an American Church in their mission trip. We said “yes” as a way to thank this person for his kindness. We met him in a hotel in Mexico City and he introduced us to the man that has become my spiritual mentor, spiritual father and a great friend.In the year 2001 my wife and I came to serve as missionaries to the United States just because we were in the right time and in the right moment for God. Even though in that moment back in Mexico City we thought we missed the call of God…..I need to learn so much from God’s ways…


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