What movie am I? ¿Qué película soy?

I am going to have to see the movie to make sure it is me.....I wonder....Este soy yo y voy a tener que ver la película para asegurarme.... What Classic Movie Are You?personality tests by similarminds.comPosted by Miguel Carpizo in his state of brokenness Escrito por Miguel Carpizo en su estado de quebrantamiento

The Journey- La jornada

I remembered something Erwin Mcmanus said in one book I am reading that really describes where I am and confirms what I posted yesterday. I would like to share it this morning, it comes from the book Soul Cravings, "We're all afraid to expose our souls to those who might judge us, and at the... Continue Reading →

My Heart’s desire

Yesterday after the Free Medical Clinic a friend invited me for a cup of coffee and he asked to pray to see if I can get direction from God on how to be more evangelistic during the clinics. I understood his heart because I come from that, but at the same time I tried to... Continue Reading →

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