Sunday Service-Servicio del Domingo

Today we have a small crowd at Sunday service so because of that I tried to make the service like a living room discussion. It is just hard to make Sunday service a place of community where everybody can get involved and we can learn together. Sometimes it just seem that we come and we present a show and we go home. During this time and while I started to share a question came to my thinking, “Why Sunday Service is so different than our daily life?, What makes Sunday service different? the presence of God? isn’t He in the midst of everything I do? because is the day I set apart for Him? only one day? I am very cheap with my relationship with Him if I am just setting apart one day, what about the rest of the week? Why I cannot make of this soccer league a Sunday service? or the food pantry a Sunday Service? why my whole life can not become a Sunday Service. Making of Sunday Worship a lifestyle. I talk about it, do I do it? Two different things.


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