Rebuild the ancient landmarks

If I am not mistaken a landmark is a site where something important has happened, most of the time something that made history. A place to go and remember, to think, to even mourn. Like this picture a friend of mine took remembering the people who died during the Vietnam War. This is a landmark. On Psalm 25:6 I read this morning, ” Mark the milestones of your mercy and love, God; rebuild the ancient landmarks!”(The Message) Remembering where have you been so you can continue to keep going. Remembering what Christ has done for us. Remembering the Cross a true landmark for my own life, my own death, a place where I need to relay more on Him and less on me. A place where I can put my eyes and still remember. Build the ancient landmark of my heart, a passionate heart to seek you, to desire you, to be with you. “Lord rebuild my love for you”


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