Open Up!- ¡Abréte!

How many times we can be deaf and mute from what the Lord is doing around us?. In Numbers I read about a King (King Balak) who didn't want to hear what the God wanted to do. He even went and brought a prophet so he could hear what we wanted to hear. Sometimes I... Continue Reading →

What do I want?-¿Qué quiero?

Hoy me preguntaron algo que me hizo pensar, ¿Miguel, pues qué es lo que quieres hacer en tu vida? no supe responder a esa pregunta, claro me gustaría hacer muchas cosas pero en realidad yo estoy dispuesto a hacer lo que Dios quiera que yo haga. Y pues, ¿qué es lo que Dios quiere? ah!!... Continue Reading →

Suffering Love-Amor que sufre

Today Paula and I went to have brunch together and I pulled out from my bagpack a stack of thank you notes we wanted to send to the people who helped us go through the difficult time of loosing Alex. You know, the feelling still there, the emptyness still there, the questions still there. I... Continue Reading →

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