The Better times are NOW

People will say to me that better times will come and I don’t have to worry. Loosing Alex has been very difficult but at the same time has been a time of learning. So yesterday while sharing at Church about our experience I said that I am not waiting for better times, the better times are already here, today, “hoy”because I have found that my fulfillment in life doesn’t come from what God would give me in the future, but of what He has already gave me: His love. Our satisfaccion in life doesn’t come on having or not having children; we are staisfied when we recognized that Christ is our daily bread and only through Him we will be satisfied. The arriving of Alex was a blessing, his departure was also a blessing, but the kind of blessing that test our heart and make us grow. Alex will always be our son, we will miss him, we will pray for him and we will remember him as the Christmas Miracle in our life.


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  1. Your faithfulness to the Lord inspires me, challenges me, and pushes me on. Thank you for being such an example to all of us. God is glorified in you and Paula. God is glorified even in your hard time. God is smiling down on you. Love you!

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