what rules my life?- ¿Qué gobierna mi vida?

My relationship with Jesus Christ has to be the most intense, the most real, and the most intimate any of my other relationships, is this really true? The words of my devotional this morning remained me that sometimes all my other relationship rule my life. Oh man!! how true!! All my days I am dealing with people, some I can relate, others are difficult for me to relate, with some I can talk for hours, with others I prefer just to say “hi” and leave. I can help someone and the next minute I will be denied that help to another. I get upset, frustrated an disappointed. My cell phone rings most of the hours of the day and if nobody is calling me I have to call someone. This is what really rule my life everyday. What about Jesus? is my relationship with Him as passionate as my other relationships?……….I have so much to learn, so much!!!

Mi relación con Cristo debe ser la mas intensa, la mas real y la mas intima, mas que cualquier otra relación. ¿es esto verdad? Las palabras de mi devocional esta mañana me recordaron que muchas veces todas mis otras relaciones gobiernar mi vida. ¡Ijoles!!! ¡esto si es verdad! Todos mis dias estoy lidiando con gente, con algunos me llevo muy bien, con otros me cuesta mucho trabajo, con algunos puedo hablar por largas horas, con otros prefiero solo decir “hola” y alejarme. En un minuto puedo ayudar a una persona, en el otro le puedo negar la ayuda. Me enojo, me frustro, y me descepciono. Mi celular suena casi todas la horas del día. ¿pero qué paso con Jesús? ¿es mi relación con Jesús tan apasionada como mis demás relaciones?…..tengo todavía mucho por aprender, pero mucho!!


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  1. You are so real- so honest. I respect that in you ALOT! I agree with your thoughts here. I have been disappointed in myself concerning this state of mind many times. It is so easy to become focused on all the people in our lives and even easier to forget about the relationship that is most important to focus on- our relationship with Christ.
    Thanks for challenging me. And thanks for always being sincere. I respect that and admire that more than anything.

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