It is not about me- No tiene nada que ver conmigo

How easily I can get discourged!! yesterday was a hard day because I hear some comments that brought an uneasy feeling to my heart. “oh my gosh, here we go again!” I said to myself. I think life is full of “here we go again’s” because, we as human beings, sometimes react with our emotions instead of think about it, pray and make a conclusion. But sometimes we also react with our intelect (too much thinking process) without thinking about everybody else. Fil Anderson writes, “the primary reason I’ve struggles with the love of God is the simple fact it’s like no other love I’ve ever known. All other love I’ve encountered has had something to do with me. His love is unique in that it has nothing to do with me. It is God’s nature to love and so God loves me naturally”
(Fil Anderson, Running on Empty, pg 46) Can I love the same way? or at least try to love like that?, I don’t know, it will be easier when facing “oh my gosh” problems. Don’t you think so?

Es bien facil desanimarse


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