Even if…-Aún si…..

Is it fear to the unkonwn a valid emotion for a pastor to have? Well, I will have to say “yes” if I talk about myself. Latetly, I have been fearfull of my future, but at the same time I know there is this voice that keeps telling me “it will be ok, I am here”. While reading the lyrics of the new song from the Worship pastor, I realized that I desire to feel God’s arms around me, to know that He is near to me. In the uncertity of times to feel His touch it is all I desire, even if the future is not what we were expecting. “Doesn’t your reverence for God give you confidence? Doesn’t your life of integrity give you hope?” Job 4:6

¿Es acaso el miedo a lo desconocido una emoción valida para un pastor?, bueno, creo que debo de decir que si lo es si me refiero a mi. En últimos días he estado un poco inseguro acerca de mi futuro, pero al mismo tiempo se que hay una voz que me dice, “todo va a salir bien, Yo estoy aquí”. Mientras leia las letras de la nueva canci[on del pastor de Alabanza, me di cuenta que yo deseo sentir los brazos de Dios alrededor de mi, para asi darme cuenta que él esta cerca de mi. En la incertidumbre del tiempo, el sentir su toque es todo lo que deseo, aún cuando el futuro no sea como lo esperamos. “¿No has puesto tu confianzaen temer a Dios? ¿No has puesto tu esperanzaen la integridad de tus caminos?” Job 4:6


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  1. Miguel, I have been feeling alot of the same feelings lately. I can completely relate. I am sure I have different fears of my future than you do… but, I can relate. I am scared to death of failure and the unknown in my future. Graduation from college, not knowing what career to chose, relationships, and decisions! It is so hard not to be in control of everything and just give it to God. But, I think he is just asking me to lean on him, to trust, and live in the moment instead of the future. I am learning to depend on him. I am glad you understand. : )

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