What defines our position?- ¿Qué define nuestra position?

I was talking to the worship pastor of Connection, well, he was talking to me about all the political campain we have been hearing latetly. He told me that instead of talking bad about each other why they are not being real with us. What about saying “you know I am not perfect as a person and all the bad thing you are hearing about me, maybe some of them are true, but I won’t talk anything bad about the other party; I just want you to know the real person in me” Well, I said, not only with the politicians but with the church leaders. Why we need to introduce as pastors? It is not our title who give us our position, it is God who called us. being a pastor doesn’t mean that we are hollier than everybody else. Being a pastor means that we have decided to serve everybody else. So, if we need to dreess as the position required, what is the best clothing for a servant? What defines our position? our dressing code? Our bussinesscards? I know for my own experience than to pretend is easier than to be real.

Yo estaba hablando con el pastor de alabanza creativa de Conexión, bueno él estaba hablando conmigo acerca de las campañas políticas que hemos estado escuchando ultimamente. Él me dijo que en vez que los candidatos se estuvieran tirando pedradas unos a otros, porque no son reales con nosotros. Porque no decir, “saben, yo no soy perfecto como persona y todas las cosas malas que estan escuchando posiblemente algunas son verdad, pero yo he decidido no hablar mal de mi contrincante; yo solo quiero que ustedes conozcan la persona real en mi” Pero entoncs yo le conteste, pero no solo hay que ser real como politicos sino como lideres de la Iglesia. ¿Porqué presentarnos como “pastores”? No es nuestro titulo lo que nos da la posición, es Dios quien nos llama. Ser pastor no significa que somos mas santos que los demás. Ser un pastor significa que hemos decidido servir a los demas. Asi que, si nos vestimos como la posición lo requiere, ¿Cuál es la mejor ropa para un siervo?. ¿Qué define nuestra posición? Nuestra ropa? nuestras tarjestas de presentación? Yo se por mis propias experiencias que pretender es más fácil que ser real.


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  1. At some point we are unable to continue to pretend and the world we have fabricated will colapse. I recently heard a song that says, “Storm keeps on twisting, keep on building the lies that you make up for all that you lack. It doesn’t make a difference, escape one more last time. It is easier than to believe in this sweet madness this glorious sadness.” Sometimes I want to cry but I just can’t seem to find the tears.

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