So worry!!!..¡Muy preocupado!

Why do we think that if we are dancing and celebrating with our friends is less holy that if we are seating on a pew Sunday morning? Where does it say that if we are going to have fun with friends, Christ is not there, but if we are praying, of course Christ will be there? Mannning will say “The Liar works affectively within us when we attempt to separate the spiritial life from the ordinary life, when we divide fixed times of personal prayer and communal worship from cleaning, raising children, carpooling, working indoors or outdoors, walking, playing, or biting into a Big Mac” Jesus said to the religious people of his time: “Come on! don’t you understand that is not what is outside of you that would contaminate your life, but what you have inside of you!”(Mark 7:1-16, paraphrase by author of this entry) I am real as a person, as a man, as a friend, as a husband and as a pastor with my humanity, my imperfections, with the joy, with the salsa music and specially with Christ. This morning I heard somebody quoting something I really like, “Don’t judge me on how I bring people to the church, judge me for what I do after they come in”.

¿Porque hemos de pensar que si bailamos y celebramos con los amigos es menos santo que si estamos sentados en la iglesia los domingos por la mañana? ¿Dónde dice que si vamos a divertirnos con los amigos, Cristo no esta allí? Pero si nos vamos a orar, por supuesto Jesús estará en medio de nosotros. Manning dice “El Mentiroso trabaja tan bien dentro de nosotros cuando tratamos de separar la vida espiritual de la vida cotidiana, cuando dividimos los tiempos personales de oración y la alabanza en grupo de limpiar, educar a los hijos, dar un aventon a una persona que no tenga carro, trabajar, jugar o darle una mordida a una Big Mac” Jesús le dijo a la gente religiosa de su tiempo: “¡Hay por favor, que no entienden que no es lo que esta afuera de ustedes lo que los contamina, sino lo que tienes dentro de ti!” (Marcos 7:1-16, parafraseado por el autor de esta nota) Yo soy real como persona, como hombre, como amigo, como esposo y como pastor con mi humanidad, mis imperfecciones, con la alegría, la música salsa y especialemnet con Cristo. Como alguién dijo esta mañana, “No me juzgues de como traigo gente a la iglesia, juzgame de que hago con ellos una vez que llegan a ella”


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  1. At my Hartsville church we face the issue of thinking that there is something especially holy about sitting in a pew on Sunday morning listening and singing old-fashioned music. We are even especially impressed with the beauty of the building and worship it like a Golden Calf. Hopefully, as the pastor I can help us move past this, but it is tough and so far I have failed. There is a long, evil, tradition here of seperating life into spiritual and ordinary life.
    I may use the line “something especially holy aobut sitting in a pew on Sunday morning.” this Suunday when i preach.

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