A safe place-Un lugar seguro

Yesterday the treasure of our Fellowship came and cryed with us and her words were like candyto our broken heart, she said: "Miguel, Paula, don't worry you are in a safe place". Iam thankful that I have been as broken as possible with the people of the Fellowship Godhas helped us to develop. It has... Continue Reading →

Es algos mas- It is something more

Love goes beyond any feeling, love is more than anything we can imagine. When you are loved by someone in ways you can not understand, that love is even more beautiful. This is the way Paula, my best friend and wife loves me, beyond any weakness, beyond any mistake, beyond any failure. When you are... Continue Reading →

Wounded Healer-Sanador Herido

Do we practice sin? If we are totally sincere with ourselves our answer outght to be "yes". Most the time we are thinking more about ourselves than anything else. The true is that I can only be, what I want to be, if I recognize that I can not be unless God is the one... Continue Reading →

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