Learning from everybody- Aprendiendo de todos

Sunday morning at Connection(The Congregation) my brother in law Victor(in the picture) shared the Word to the people. And while he was sharing, I was thinking about how important is to be open to learn from everybody. Sometimes as ministers we want to teach everybody and when someone younger or with “less experience”(we think!) comes, it is hard for us to let our pride go. For the last 3 weeks I have talked to Victor a little more and probably he knows me exactly the way I am. I have decided to show myself as real as possible and sometimes it is easy to get embarassed. But yestareday, I saw him shared his own journey in this life, his passion and his heart. Victor doesn’t fit the person a “Christian Church” will choose for a leader, but guess what? God has chosen him to be real, open and some times more effective than a “Christian Leader”. Is this offensive for someone?, well, let us learn from everybody and I mean EVERYBODY, even whenthey don’t fit our own standars.

El domingo por la manana en Conexion(La Congregacion), mi cunado Victor(en la foto) compartio la Palabra a las personas. Mientras el compartia, yo me puse a pensar acerca de lo importante que es estar abierto a poder aprender de cualquier persona. Muchas veces como ministros queremos ensenar a todas la personas y cuando alguien mas joven o con “menor experiencia”(eso es lo que creemos!) viene, es muy dificil soltar nuestro orgullo. Por las ultimas 3 semanas he platicado mucho con Victor y creo que el ya me conoce a calzon quitado, osea rebien. Decidir mostrarme tan real como pude con el y aveces hasta me avergonzaba. Pero ayer, lo vi compartir su jornada de vida, su pasion y su corazon. Victor no encaja como la persona que una “Iglesia Cristiana” escogeria para lider, pero que creen? Dios lo escogio para ser real, abierto y aveces mucho mas capaz que un “lider cristiano”. Crees que esto es ofensivo?, pues, creo que tenemos que aprender de todos, pero lo digo en serio de TODOS, aun cuando no entre en nuestra propia clasificacion de lo que es un lider.


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  1. God is teaching me this very same thing! It is glorious when God opens our hearts to thinking and growing in a new way!
    Hope to see you this weekend! Missing your hugs!

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