Where to go? – Hacia donde ir?

Where to go? When traveling to another country most of the times we ask ourselves this question. Becuase we are entering to new cities, new territories, places where we don’t feel comfortable, places where we don’t know what to do. So we ask, where to go? We probably have a map on hand, but sometimes this map is written in a language we can not understand and if we do, we don’t know the city; so we are walking almost like people who don’t know where they are going. The worst thing is to find out that you were going to the right way, but suddenly you are lost. What happend? Why my map(The Word) is not taking me back? I was listening a song today thats says “I dont understand your ways…you hold on to all my pain..I am not looking for crowns….but it is going to be worth it”. is it? After all this pain, is it going to be worth it?

Hacia dond ir? Cuando viajas a otro pais muchas veces nos preguntamos esta misma pregunta. Sera porque entramos a nuevas ciudades, nuevos territorios, lugares donde no nos sentimos agusto, lugares donde no sabemos a donde ir. Asi que nos preguntamos, Hacia donde ir? Posiblemente tenemos un mapa en mano, pero muchas veces este mapa esta escrito en un idioma que no entendemos y si lo entendemos no conocemos la ciudad; asi que caminamos como gente que no sabemos a donde vamos. Lo mas horrible es darte cuenta que caminabas en el camino correcto pero que derrepente te encuentras totalmente perdido y desubicado. Que paso? Porque mi mapa(La Palabra) no me esta llevando de regreso? Escuchaba una cancion hoy que dice, “No entiendo tus caminos….tu tomas todo mi dolor…no busco coronas…pero se que valdra la pena”. En verdad? Despues de todo este dolor, valdra la pena?


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  1. Do you trust the person (God) who tells us everything is going to be better? Does he ever tell us that things will be better in this life time? What is “better” to you? I think about your example about the tourist. It is better to walk around with your “country face” than to pretend that you know exactly where you are going.

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