Free to Be- Libre de Ser

When I came to the realization that God loves me the way I am and the way I have been born, that is true freedom. The freedom to be myself. If the Son set you free, you are free, INDEED!! Free to BE!!Cuando me di cuenta que Dios me ama de la forma en la... Continue Reading →

Wisdom of Tenderness

A person that I consider the one molding myself through his writing is Brennan Manning, when I first read one of his books I was amazed of the grace and realness oh his words. Since that day I have used his books as part of my daily devotionals because they help me to see God... Continue Reading →

Victory?- Victoria?

Why we have to always think that victory is victory over sin?. I think real victory is when we have decided to run into His water and jump into it. Victory is to grab a piece of His bread and eat it. Victory is to decide for His light in the midst of darkenss, uncerntity... Continue Reading →

Learning from everybody- Aprendiendo de todos

Sunday morning at Connection(The Congregation) my brother in law Victor(in the picture) shared the Word to the people. And while he was sharing, I was thinking about how important is to be open to learn from everybody. Sometimes as ministers we want to teach everybody and when someone younger or with "less experience"(we think!) comes,... Continue Reading →

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