It is not an easy task

Larry Crabb says, “Stand broken to your community admitting who you are rather than pretending to be who I should have been. The result is more pain, and although not right away, more hope” To recognized who we are without pretending it is very difficult to do because it requires of our willingness to open the doors in our life where we have storaged hurt, deception, pain, dissapointment, frustration etc. Before we experience hope, we will experience dispair. Why sometimes in these moments God seems so absent?

Larry Crabb dic, “permanece quebrantado ante tu comunidad admitiendo quien eres en vez de quien pretendes ser. El resultado será más dolor, y no exactamente en ese momento, pero algún día llegará la esperanza” El reconocer quienes somos sin pretender es algo muy dificil de hacer, ya que requiere de nuestra disponibilidad de abrir las puertas de nuestra vida dond hemos guardado heridas, desepción, dolor, frustraciones etc. Antes de experimentar esperanza, experimentaremos desesperación. ¿porqué en estos momentos Dios se siente tan ausente?


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  1. Oh- well, I am not leaving just yet. I have just a little less than 2 weeks before I go. But, thank you!
    ><> Joanna

  2. I think maybe God seems to far away at times is because in our struggle we often turn inward and begin to focus on ourselves. I think that it is also possible that for us to grow we must face the difficult times and make our own decisions. Just like a parent allows a child to make right and wrong choices so the child will mature. Also like a child, the parent is there so if the child chooses poorly they can find comfort in the arms of their parent.

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