Solo con Él- Just with Him

(From the 1st Walk of Emmaus in Spanish)I always try to change the experience so I can say "I have experienced God". If the song made us cry, if we felt right about the service, if the preaching was theological correct, if there was an application, if the songs made me raise my hands....It is... Continue Reading →

I have made my choice

"The search to discover God requires that we abandon ourselves, that we give up control of what matters most, and that we place our confidence in Someone we cannot manage. These requirements are as vital as they are difficult. The Bible is clear. God exists. He exists in heaven. He exists on earth. He exists... Continue Reading →

True Hope- La verdadera esperanza

I am going trhough a very difficult moment in my life and I don't enjoy the hard times and I am just waiting for the good times to arrive. I have been reading a book from Larry Crabb, "Shattered Dreams" and most of times is like he is describing my life. "Shattered dreams are the... Continue Reading →

Wow! wow! wow!- ¡Que grueso!

I have been thinking in this quote all week, I mean ALL WEEK!"The mystery of ministry is that we have been chosen to make our own limited and very conditional love the gateway for the unlimited and unconditional love of God" Henry Nouwen. Wow!! wow! and wow! what a quote!! This means that it is... Continue Reading →

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